Ostéopathe CDS-GDK

Consultations are taking place at Rue de la Gabelle 28, 1227 Carouge.

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For an appointment during the day, please contact me directly on 076 403 18 23.


Carouge's office

Coming by Tram: 

Coming by Bus: line 11 stop "Rue des Mouettes".

Coming by car:  Covered parking at the Coop Super Centre Acacias or Parking de M Parc.

Rates And Insurance 


Osteopathy is a first-line therapy, covered by complementary insurances without a medical prescription, except for certain international or UN insurances.

A consultation lasts about 45-50 minutes and is charged CHF 130.

For more convenience, the sessions are paid in cash at the end of the consultation, an invoice is given to you for reimbursement by your insurance.

Consultations are payable in cash or by card. If it's a problem, please tell me during the consultation and I will give you a payment slip.

As a member of the Federation of Osteopaths of Switzerland (FSO) and the Register of Empirical Medicine (RME), all supplementary and accident insurances cover our consultations. Your share rating is defined according to your insurance contract. 

IMPORTANT : Any session missed and not cancelled 24 hours in advance may be billed at the usual rate for a consultation.


Illness :

The basic insurance (LaMAL) does not cover osteopathy. It is reimbursed by the complementary insurances. 

Accident :

Your accident insurance can cover osteopathy. Coverage varies from one insurance to another. 


I am graduated of the CIDO in Saint Etienne since 2013 and certified  as CDS-GDK osteopath since 2018. 

Having practiced ice hockey at a high level for 12 years my body has suffered the sometimes marked constraints of this contact sport. Osteopathy has allowed only thanks to the hands of the therapist to restore movement, free my joints and heal my pain. 

During and after my studies, I continued to practice unihockey at a good level allowing me to join the French national team for 6 years. 

Thanks to this personal experience and various continuing education courses in sports coaching, among others, I treat young athletes of all levels every day. Growing up in good conditions and practicing a high level sport are completely compatible. 

I have also been able to improve my skills in other fields, particularly in pediatrics osteopathy and in the following of pregnant women before and after childbirth. 

I am a member of the Swiss Federation of Osteopaths (FSO) and of the Société Cantonale d'Ostéopathie de Genève (SCOGe). I also participate in its day-care service.